Secret Room - A creative mission

Secret Room is a more creative version of the popular escape games. It captures the imagination and the experience becomes even more exciting based on your ideas.

Do the winning ideas swirl in your head?

With us you can show, set free and use all of them.

This is what you need for success in the Secret Room.

A minimum of 3 and a maximum 12 person per team can participate in the game.
If you are really active ,the game can even last for 90 minutes.

The game tests your ingenuity and shows you how to inspire each other as a team.


In order to win one thing is needed : CREATIVITY.


We do not shut the door on you . In “AgyadEldobod” you can let your imagination fly in two fully furnished rooms.

What’s the limit to your phantasy?


“Secret Room” is a unique gift for both birthdays and bachelorette parties.
(Details in the Extra Menu.)

You can find us here:


1063 Budapest, Szív street 35. III. floor
Doorbell 26

Send your questions here:
+36 30 557 4060